A little about my self...

 Photo by: Alex Platcha  (@futuresuspect)

Photo by: Alex Platcha (@futuresuspect)

My name is Adi, I am self-taught 18 year old photographer, and I am from the Metro Detroit area. I enjoy taking photos, and exploring places with my friends. I found my interest in photography a couple of years ago, I would just take random photos on my phone and I started to like it a lot, I always dreamed of getting a DSLR. I then got an actual DSLR camera after two years of using my phone, and I then took pictures and videos of my friends at the skatepark. I began shooting a lot more and it became something I wanted to do all the time. Soon enough I started to take photography more seriously. Now it is my main hobby, I love it, and I will continue doing it.


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